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Welcome to system for entering wines for competitions and other events

This system allows you to enter on-line your wines to wine competition or other events, organized by the National Wine Centre and other organizations. You can enter your wines on the system and continue to edit them on-line, or even delete them if you wish, before formally submitting the completed list of wines to the organizers.

You must be registered and logged yourself before you can register any wines. Once you are registered, you do not need to register again to enter wines for a different event, it is sufficient just to log-in to the system. You need just one account for all the wine competitions/ presentations.

Current competitions and other events

Cuvée 2020 Ostrava

XVIII. ročník mezinárodní soutěže kupáží a známkových vín

Organizer: K.A.H.A.N., z.s. /
Collection of Samples: May 4. Competition participants are exempt from paying any fees. Collection Points: National Wine Center (Národní vinařské centrum), Centrum Excelence Building, Sobotní 1029, Valtice, Czech Re...
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Mezinárodní soutěž vín / International Wine Competition

Organizer: Národní vinařské centrum, o.p.s. |
Wine registration deadline: April 15, 2020. Term of sample delivery: Samples will be taken in April 23-24, 2020. GRAND PRIX VINEX is a traditional, prestigious, international wine competition. The objective of ...
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Valtické vinné trhy 2020

53. ročník - celostátní výstava s mezinárodní účastí

Organizer: Společnost Valtické vinné trhy ve spolupráci se SViŠ |
!!! POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS. NEW TERM WILL BE PUBLISHED !!! Deadline for entries: XXXXX 2020. Please submit samples with the entry form (printed from this system). Address for personal delivery of samples: Centr...
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