The system used for judging wines

The Electronic Wine System (ELWIS) is an original computerized system developed by the National Wine Centre of the Czech Republic for simplifying the process of registering wines for competitions and for recording the results of the subsequent judging. It was first launched in 2009, and since then has been continually refined and developed, and has now been used in dozens of national and international wine competitions. It consists of two parts:

  1. An on-line application form, at the website, for registering wines for competitions and other wine-related activities.
  2. A computerized system for use when judging the wines, which uses the data received during the on-line registration. An evaluation system can run off-line (on our server) or on-line (as a part of web site).

The complete system consists of the original software, servers, wireless networks and a tablets for each of the wine judges to use, up to a maximum of 50. It uses the hundred-point system approved by the International Enologists Union, based on the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) resolution for wine evaluation (2009). ELWIS imports data about the wines and the applicants from the original on-line application, organizes the wines into groups and lists the wines in order of tasting, records the results of the judging and then finally prepares a summary of the results ready for printing. An optional feature is the creation of a detailed profile for each wine using the scores given for aroma, strength and intensity scores given for aroma and flavour characteristics.

The two halves of ELWIS are interlinked, but can also be used independently if required.

People or organizations wishing to use this system for their own wine competitions should contact the owners directly:

Národní vinařské centrum, o.p.s.
Sobotní 1029, Valtice, Czech Republic
tel.: (+420) 519 352 072

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