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This system allows you to enter on-line your wines to wine competition or other events, organized by the National Wine Centre and other organizations. You can enter your wines on the system and continue to edit them on-line, or even delete them if you wish, before formally submitting the completed list of wines to the organizers.


7. ročník mezinárodní soutěže vín

Organizer: Pavla Škrabalová

Dear winemakers,
We would like to invite you to take part in the 7th edition of the international competition MEDITRINA 2024. We hope that after a long break you will remain in favour of this unique competition and will not be afraid of the evaluation of your wines by a jury of experienced female wine experts.

For complete information about the competition, please see the attached statutes and our website (www.meditrina.cz).
Entries will be open at ELWIS from 4.1.2024 to 4.3.2024.
Delivery of the sample to the collecting points by 4th March 2024 at the latest.
The wine evaluation will take place on 9 March 2024 in Velké Pavlovice.

The total number of samples entered in the competition is limited to a maximum of 250, the number of samples from a single applicant is limited to 8. Entry will be closed once the total number of samples has been reached, but no later than 4 March 2024.

Maximum number of samples: 8 per winery
Fee: 200 Kč / 8 EUR per one sample (3 bottles per sample), payment by 4.3.2024
Account number in the Czech Republic: 2400701075/2010.
Other currencies and international payments:

On the entry form, please highlight the wines from a female oenologist to be included for the evaluation of the special prize.

We look forward to your participation in the competition and to meeting you. The announcing of the results of the competition on 18 May 2024 will take place at Ekocentrum Trkmanka in Velké Pavlovice.

Best regards
Pavla Škrabalová
Collecting points

1. Velké Pavlovice
Ekocentrum Trkmanka
Nádražní 1/1
691 06 Velké Pavlovice
e-mail: info@ekocentrum-trkmanka.com
tel.: +420 519 325 313

2. Velké Bílovice
BS Vinařské potřeby
Žižkovská 1230
691 02 Velké Bílovice
E-mail: info@vinarskepotreby.cz
tel.: 519 347 524
Mon-Fri: 7.30-17.00, Sat: 7.30-11.00

3. Nosislav
Vinařství Válka
Kroužek 428
691 64 Nosislav
E-mail: info@vinarstvivalka.cz
tel.: 547 231 628

Pavla Škrabalová
E-mail: pavlaskrabalova@seznam.cz
tel.: 734 477 561