How to register wines for competitions and other events

  1. In order to enter wines the applicant has to be registered. To register click on the button “To register as a new applicant“ and carefully fill in the required details. Please enter the name of the applicant exactly according to the name of legal entity or individual person – this information will be used for the purpose of the catalogue as well as for invoicing the competition entry fees, etc. Only fill in the item “Producer“ should the name be different from that of the applicant.
  2. Keep the Login and Password of the applicant in a safe place for future access to the registration centre. (You may edit the registered wines prior to sending them, in the future you may enter the same wines for other evaluations, competitions and presentations, etc.).
  3. After registrating and entering wines at the registration centre click on the link Home page/ Current competitions“. Then select the link (assessment, competition or presentation) to which you wish to enter your wines.
  4. Next fill in the data regarding the entered wine. It is necessary to fill in all the obligatory details of a wine correctly and save the wine by clicking the button “Add wine“. For entering another wine click again on the button “Add wine“.
  5. Should all the obligatory data not be filled-in it will be impossible to enter another wine into the system, the incomplete items will show a message highlighted in red.
  6. In this way progressively enter all the wines you wish to enter. Wines that are entered into the system can be clearly accessed along with all the data regarding the entered wine that will be shown above it.
  7. Until you send the wines you may continue to edit or erase them as you wish.
  8. Once you are sure thast all the details of the entered wines are correctly entered and that you will not be entering any further wines, click on the button “Print and sending application“.
  9. Following this you will find a check preview of all the wines with the possibility of returning “Back“, then “Print only without sending“ (checking the print preview in order to be certain that all data have been entered correctly) or “Send and print application“. By clicking the button “Send and print application“ you send the wine on-line to the organiser, which will also display a message “S“ = sent, in the column next to the wines already sent.
  10. We recommend you print out two copies of the application form (one copy for the organiser, which you should attach to the wine to be assessed in the competition or presentation, and the second for your own safe keeping). A copy of the entry form will also arrive via the e-mail to the applicant – contact person. At the end of this application form sent via e-mail will be the link for downloading the registration labels which please clearly stick onto the cartons containing the competition samples.

Frequently asked questions

I am entering wines for more than one producer. How do I proceed?

The standard approach is to create a separate registration for each producer. In the section “Applicant“ present yourself (typically, for instance, as a business firm or wine importer). In the section “Producer“ present the name of the wine producer. In the catalogue you will be presented in the form of Applicant/Producer.

Alternatively you can enter all the wines on one single registration form (e.g. wine importer) and state the name of the producer in the section for entering wines under item “Name of wine“ e.g. “Blue Hill Winery Chardonnay“. In this case only the name of the applicant will be shown in the column “Applicant/Producer“.

Do I need to create a new registration form for each competition?

Not at all. The filled-in registration form can be used for all other competitions. Should you wish to amend any details regarding the applicant, proceed to do so (after registering) in the section “Details of my account“. Should you forget you application details you can request them to be sent to you in the section “Send forgetten user data“.