Entering wines for competitions and other events

Welcome to system for entering wines for competitions and other events

This system allows you to enter on-line your wines to wine competition or other events, organized by the National Wine Centre and other organizations. You can enter your wines on the system and continue to edit them on-line, or even delete them if you wish, before formally submitting the completed list of wines to the organizers.


Czech International Wine Competition, OIV competition

Organizer: Svaz vinařů ČR | www.oenoforum.cz

Deadline for submitting & delivery of samples: May 26, 2023. The organisers of the OENOFORUM 2023, Czech International Wine Competiton, Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association, invites the participation of all wine producers and resellers of the ALL WINE WARIETIES and especially to Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon categories and Ryzlink vlašský and Pálava, as the opposite, our typical Czech grape variety. This competition is organized under the high auspices of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). OENOFORUM 2023 will be held on 16 - 17 May in Mikulov, Czech Republic.
The competitor transfers into the ownership of the organiser at least 4 bottles of magnum

or 6 bottles with a volume of 0,75 litres, 0,5 litres or 0,375 litres either in person or fully paid delivery (Possible clearance will provide exhibitor at one’s own expense. ) to the address:

Farma pod zamkem
Czech Republic

For each sample it is necessary to include a copy of the application, laboratory analysis, evidence verifying the details of the application to be true, a copy of an ID, allowing for wine to be circulated should this kind of documentation be required in the country of origin.

For more information, see the Statute of the Competition.